World City Communications specializes in

Japanese-to-English translation

The key to capturing the attention of savvy foreign investors in the competition for critical capital is thoughtful, precise analysis. Excellent Japanese analysis must then be expressed in clear, intelligent English for optimal effect. World City Communications can render your Japanese message in sophisticated English that makes an impact on your audience.

Past translation projects include reports and PR materials for major Japanese securities companies (including the work of Japan’s #1 ranked JGB strategist and public sector analyst), foreign financial companies, a credit ratings agency, government ministries and agencies, and major manufacturers.

Tourism promotion, regional development advisory

Tourism is a vital component of regional economic development, but traveling in Japan is often vexing for foreign visitors. World City Communications can advise and support localities throughout Japan in boosting foreign tourism and offers the distinct perspective of visitors from abroad.

Past projects include local development projects for Kawazu (Shizuoka Prefecture), Nirayama (Shizuoka Prefecture), and Cheju Island (South Korea).

Communications consulting

Not only is excellent translation critical, but so are the outline and form of the message. World City Communications can advise clients on shaping and developing messages efficiently and with impact.

WCC has helped industry leaders draft speeches and letters to investors.

World City Communications